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About us


Our company can provide full IT and telecommunication systems installation to our partners, from design to execution.
Our colleagues with years of professional experience provide the best and best solutions to our partners in all circumstances. We endeavor to carry out every workflow with our young, cohesive colleagues.


Thanks to our efficient support from our suppliers and the mobilization developments, we can provide a short lead time.
We consider the professional development of our employees important, meet the new technological challenges, and draw our partners’ attention to the latest opportunities.

Nowadays our field of activity has extended to the whole territory of Hungary and crossing it, we have carried out network construction tasks for several of our partners abroad.

Our services

  • Design, construction, maintenance, fault repair and operation of conventional analogue telecommunication systems
  • Design, construction and operation of IP based telecommunication systems
  • Design, implementation and operation of passive (Cat.5, – Cat.6A) IT networks
  • Design, construction, operation of optical networks
  • Implementation of overground and underground optical networks
  • Design, implementation and operation of analog and IP camera systems
  • Design, implementation, operation of Wi-Fi systems (Netscout)
  • Measuring, Verifying Passive IT Networks (Fluke DSX-5000)
  • Measuring and Verifying Optical Networks (Exfo, MaxTester, Fluke CF Pro Quad)
  • Building low-current networks



  • MBMH Kft. (Kecskemét)

Building and measuring Cat.6A (Corning) IT network. Installation, installation and measurement of OM3-OS2 optical cable. Build and install Wifi and Dect base stations

  • Debreceni Vagyonkezelő Zrt. (Debrecen)
    Installing an IP telecommunication system at multiple sites
  • Árkád (Szeged,Budapest)

Cat.5E (Reichle deMassari) optical and telecommunications network implementation and measurement

  • AKSD Kft. (Debrecen)

IT installation (Reichle deMassari), telecommunication, IP and analog camera system installation and operation at several sites

  • Auchan (Debrecen, Szeged, Miskolc)

Cat.5E (Reichle deMassari) installation and operation of optical and telecommunication network   

  • Debreceni Vízmű Zrt. (Debrecen)

Installation and operation of Cat.5E (Reichle deMassari) and optical network

  • Universität Bielefeld (Bielefeld)

Construction of fire alarm network

  • Hajdú-Bihar megyei (Rendőr-főkapitányság)

Installing the Reichle deMassari network at multiple sites

  • LEGO Kft. (Nyíregyháza)

Installation of fire alarm, access control, camera, IT (Tyco) and optical system

  • Aqua Nova SRL. (Székelyudvarhely)

Cat.5E (Reichle deMassari) IT and telephone center installation and operation

  • Hotel Lycium (Debrecen)
    Installing and operating a WIFI system
  • ORFK (HB megye)

Information Technology (KeLine) and Telecommunications
network building, measuring

  • OBI Áruházak (Magyarország szerte)

Building a telecommunications network

  • THQ (Budapest)

IT (Systimax), fiber optic and telecommunications network construction, measurement

  • Árpád Zrt. (Szentes)

Optical network design, construction

  • General Electric (Szeged)

Cat.6 (Reichle deMassari) IT network and WIFI installation