Welcome to the offficial site of Postacom Ltd.
Our company was established in 2008 and since it has been developed and has been broadened its scope of activities. Initial troubleshooting and participation in smaller projects at the KFKI Zrt. have expanded as a main activity.

We can provide the whole light-current portfolio to our partners and clients with expanding our activities and employing professional workforce

Nowadays our field of activity extended to foreign territories moving from the initial area of Hajdú-Bihar county. We try to process all work within doors and we can provide short deadline with the help of our suppliers.

As a result of mobilizing the company our fleet is constantly being expanded. Due to this achievement we can provide faster service and the time from order to fulfillment is greatly reduced. Our team is composed from young, accustomed and prepared employees with more than 10-year professional experience working in all circumstances and providing the best and most suitable solution for all of our partners and clients.

Thanks to the efficiency of our team we can provide the following services:

- telephone networks, troubleshooting, fault location measurement (air and substructure cables),
- structured networks with copper and fiber optic cabling termination and measurement of optic cables (SM-MM cables) ,
- Analog and IP video surveillance camera system installation,
- building and maintenance of alarm,
- smoke and fire alarm systems electric networks,
- heavy-current power equipment installation,

It is important for us to always be the best and fastest to provide.

Given tasks are provided in the highest quality by professionals. As a result, T-Systems Zrt. signed a contract with our company for structured and traditional telecom network construction